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Halloween Trick-Or-Treat 3 Tier Skirt

Just in time for Halloween!

I just adore this. There are a lot of fun fun details in this skirt - the little belt loops, the grosgrain ribbon trim, 3 tiers of adorable trick-or-treaters perfectly lined up with no noticeable seams, and an extremely full silhouette make this just an adorable Halloween skirt!

Halloween Trick-Or-Treat 3 Tier Skirt

Enough of that ridiculousness!

Each lining tier is separate.

(What it looks like under the layers if you flip them up)

Inside out.

The reasoning behind there being 5 sets of 2 belt loops each is...if you tie the bow in between 2 belt loops right next to each other, it will stay just where you want it, just how you want it. It won't slide around.

I fell deeply in love with this skirt as I was making it. I adore the fabric and I just love how it turned out.

Pictures worn: 091018 001

091018 002

Acen 2010 Fashion Show

The above photos are from Anime Central 2010's Khaotic Kouture fashion show, where the gorgeous and lovable Mina modeled this outfit for me!

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