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Halloween Velveteen Flocky Spooky Skulls Overskirt

Elegant or ero, classy or kitschy, this skirt is perfect for any taste!

This is actually a SEE-THROUGH skirt. It is black flocky design on top of clear organza with a black velveteen border at bottom and a black velveteen waist. It can be worn on top of any plain skirt to instantly turn it into an elegant gothy amazing piece! A very versatile piece you can have a lot of fun with! (Maybe even over just bloomers for an ero outfit? XD)

Perfect for Halloween or for any time of year!

Halloween Velveteen Flocky Spooky Skulls Overskirt

White underskirt:

Black underskirt:

Green underskirt:

It even looks good on plaid!! (Though it would be better on a plain plaid skirt without the lace trims)

I love this soooo much. It is the skirt of my dreams (well, I tend to have a lot of those, but still). Perfect for Halloween, but totally wearable year-round. Delightfully gothy yet very elegant! Just... god I adore it. Perfect with one of these, also from Kinki Kitty! It just seems to go together!!

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