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People's Arts Festival 2011

Fashion Show Report!

The People's Arts Festival is a fabulous art fair held at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit, Michigan. Tons of live music, sideshow performers, over 160 artists, more more more! It is held the last weekend in August every summer, and is a very positive, energetic, excited show with a large emphasis on local art! I've displayed as an artist here for the past 3 years, but this year I managed to get my work into the fashion show as well! I was very excited to be featured alongside such impressive local designers as Fotoula Lambros, Kelly Lynne, Peace Love Spandex, WOUND Menswear, Deanna Ansara, Justin Smith, Drew Kups, Delphine Boutique, and Mio Dio. Anna Goldstone did an amazing job with the show, which ran 3 times, at 4pm and 8pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday, each show being slightly different than the one before, keeping it fresh and fun!

I had 3 outfits in the show as well as 2 cage skirts that were combined with items from other designers' collections to make a new look. Anna styled this whole show, so it was really fun and interesting for me to just give over my creations and watch what someone else did with them! Some of the outfits came out with quite a unique new look, and I really enjoyed it a lot! I'm so happy I had this opportunity to participate in such a fun, provocative, and exciting show!

I won't try to keep these photos in much order, but just plop them all down. The brown and cream outfit you may recognize from the Anime Central 2011 page, but the hat is changed to another of my designs. The red shrug was not originally meant to be worn with the black dress, but I really like how it turned out! The red dress is mostly how I originally intended it. The cages are paired with work from Peace Love Spandex for the white, and Kelly Lynne for the black. I absolutely love the new look these pairings give the cages!

After the final show on Sunday one of the models found me and we took a picture together. I'm a bit windswept! XD

I also had a booth at the fair, right across from the fashion show area! I am happy to admit that my booth was very successful and I sold quite a bit! Here are some photos from my booth.

I had a table set up selling my mother's jewelry as well.

I also had a small area selling Emmy Jackson's new book Empty Cradle. For anyone looking for an engrossing, intriguing post-apocalyptic survival novel, I cannot recommend this work highly enough, plus it was written by one of the most interesting and fabulous individuals I know. You really must read it. (It's available on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble!)

Thanks for looking! If you made it out, I hope you enjoyed the show! If not, I hope we'll see you next year!

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