Kinki Kitty

Kinki Kitty


Garments I have made over the last few years!

Apologies for the current disheveled state of this gallery page! It will be more organized in the future..eventually...hopefully. For now please just browse through at your leisure!

Again, as stated on the front page, our Facebook is much more up to date than this page for new designs and creations! Do check us out and "like" us at!

(Disclaimer: Not all items seen in these photos were made by me! Most of the skirts and jumperskirts seen here are Kinki Kitty items (or items made for myself before Kinki Kitty technically existed!), but most blouses, socks, etc, as well as about half of the hair accessories, are not. I'm always happy to answer any inquiries about what I have or have not made, or can or cannot make! Just shoot me an email! Thanks!! ♥ ♥


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