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Khaotic Kouture Fashion Show Report!

This last May I participated in my second Khaotic Kouture fashion show at the 2011 Anime Central convention in Rosemont, Illinois. I've been a regular at this Chicago convention, the largest in the midwest, since 1998, missing only those years during which I was living in Japan. This year I decided to skip running a panel and just have fun! But I still was pleased to take part in the fashion show, which this year featured a wonderful designer whose work is very dear to my heart, h.Naoto, a name I'm sure we're all familiar with! I was so honored to be featured alongside this legend of the goth world, and even to speak with him before and after the show about both his designs and mine, as well as the absolutely amazing music they played during the Naoto section. (Yet one more time when I'm grateful for my Japanese fluency!)

I showed 3 outfits in this year's show, as they wanted to showcase more independent designers as well as set aside a sufficient amount of time for Naoto (could it ever be enough, really? ♥ ). My outfits this year were a book-themed somewhat ground-breaking (I like to think!) design called "My Heart is an Open Book," a formal shantung ensemble with a theme of red roses, and a third outfit that is pretty much my own personal taste made fact, entitled "OMGBATS." (I take myself very seriously.)

My Heart is an Open Book

Red Roses


Group shots of all the models from the lolita section of the show.

Bonus! A picture of me with my best friend Jessy, who is wearing a jellyfish dress I made for her.

And a picture from after the show in our hotel room. Tired Helena is tired.

Thank you for looking! If you made it out, I hope you enjoyed the show! If not, I hope we'll see you next year!

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