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About Our Clothing

Kinki Kitty is of course centered around the Japanese fashion called "lolita". Lolita is a very over the top, elaborate fashion that has a tendency to stand out in a crowd. It emphasizes youthful joy and innocence, timeless beauty and elegance, girlish romance and pride. While it cannot be so easily defined, it generally encompasses a childlike, feminine silhouette that may remind one of 1950s popular dance fashion, and an attention to beautiful elaborate details that may hark back to Rococo decadence. Styles may range greatly, from the mysterious entrancing beauty of the gothic lolita to the mature grace of the classic lolita, all the way to the childlike ecstacy of the cake-bejeweled sweet lolita, but while you could say that no 2 lolitas should ever look alike, we also hope it's fair to say we're all one big happy family. After all, though it may seem sometimes that the whole world may be against you, it is nice to have a whole community of sisters to lean on.

At the same time, we at Kinki Kitty love to encourage experimentation. After all, what is fashion without your own personal touch? We try to leave some room for personalization and options in much of our clothing, with detachable bows and ribbons (that can be used elsewhere as well!), bustle options, plenty of room to mix and match, and even customization available.

Whatever your style, and however you wear it, we hope that our clothing can help you experience some of the unadulterated joy of a child on a swing set, a girl experiencing her first love, and a woman realizing she is the most stunningly gorgeous woman in the room.

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All of the clothing here at Kinki Kitty is handmade with care by yours truly. Every piece starts as fabric and thread, perhaps a metal headband or comb or elastic band, interfacing and elastic and boning. Nothing is outsourced or skimped on. Everything is made 100% by my own hands, in my own little "workshop" of my apartment! While my friends and I used to joke about our "loli sweatshop" when we'd have craft nights, nothing you'll find at Kinki Kitty is factory made - everything is made by me. You can trust that every stitch and every fold and every gather has been made with care by my own hands. I have the utmost pride in my work, so that you can have the utmost pride wearing it.

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