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Polkadot Parfait Stripes Scallop Skirt Set

A skirt with an adorable mouthwatering print with lovely scalloped hem, with a coordinating underskirt that can be worn on its own as well!

Full skirt set

Main Parfait Scallop Skirt

You can wear this skirt as is without an underskirt, or with the red ruffle underskirt, or with an underskirt of a different color!


The underskirt is totally wearable as a regular skirt too. It's a little lightweight since it's made out of light cotton, because I didn't want so many layers to be too hot in the summer, but it's still very cute! Simple, but cute.

Sample coordination, with literally the first shirt I found that had red in it.

The bow is a brooch which could be used on a shirt, on either skirt, or in your hair, etc etc.

Bonus Headdress

I actually made this in the sew-loli panel at ACen (we left before the contest ended because our friend was giving another panel that overlapped with it OTL), but since it matches this fabric and the girl I commissioned it for wears round headdresses, I threw this in with it! It's far from perfect, since it was done without a compass and sewn all by hand with no interfacing, but I think it's still pretty cute! Too bad the lace doesn't match, but I think it's still totally doable. It's not perfect, but heck it was a freebie! :D

Construction Close-ups

Cherry buttons for the detachable waist ties!!

Waist ties have pique lace at the ends like on the bottom of the skirt.

Side seam.


Underskirt Lining

Underskirt inner seams

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