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Diamond Harlequin Overskirt

A stylish and definitely eye-catching skirt to make a lasting first impression! Wear it over a black ruffle underskirt to show off layers of frills in back, or in front! The white glows brightly in club lighting, and the stark black and white are stunning any time of day! This skirt can be worn in so many different ways. Go casual with a cute black tshirt, or goth it up with your best black corset! Top it with a matching top hat for a real punch! This skirt as shown is half-elastic waist, and the black ruffles are a separate underskirt. An adorable rose lace adorns the frill. The fabric is a very nice thick cotton, much thicker than many of our cottons.

Diamond Harlequin Overskirt

Diamond Check Bustle Overskirt 001

Diamond Check Bustle Overskirt 002

Diamond Check Bustle Overskirt 003

Diamond Check Bustle Overskirt 006

Diamond Check Bustle Overskirt 008

Diamond Check Bustle Overskirt 010

Diamond Check Bustle Overskirt 011

Khaotic Kouture

The above photos are from Anime Central 2010's Khaotic Kouture fashion show, where the gorgeous and endearing Brittany modeled this outfit for me!

100423 001

100423 002

100423 003

The above photos show a more casual coordinate with this skirt without the corset. It's too cute, even with just a tshirt!

I am currently looking into sources for top hats to be able to offer customized top hats like this one through Kinki Kitty!
For the time being I have not yet found a satisfactory supplier, but should you already own a top hat, I'll be happy to make a hat band like the one shown here to fit your hat!
The bow on this hat is detachable by brooch and can be worn elsewhere should you desire it.

Pricing for this skirt:

Overskirt only (requires that you own your own underskirt): $80

Overskirt with ruffle underskirt (a separate skirt that you can then use with other overskirts, or on its own!): $150

Overskirt with matching hat band & bow brooch: $100

I also offer matching hairbows and the like - just ask and we can come up with something perfect for you!

100519-22 010

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