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Khaotic Kouture Fashion Show Report!

Acen 2010 Fashion Show

Kinki Kitty designs are shown from 1:40 to 3:20 in this video!

Kinki Kitty designs are shown from 7:00 to 8:50 in this video!

Recently I had the opportunity to showcase some of my designs on stage at the 2010 Anime Central convention at the second annual Khaotic Kouture fashion show. I've been a regular at Acen, held in Chicago Illinois, since 1998, missing only those years during which I was living in Japan. My interests in the convention have changed a lot over those years, but I still have a blast every time. This year was the busiest I've been in quite a while, since I was hosting a panel on Friday afternoon ("The Gothic World of Japan") as well as taking part in this fashion show, but I still found plenty of time to hang out with all of the lovely girls at the con!

I showed 7 outfits in the show, ranging from a sweet as sugar Teddy Bear design to some very unique ero designs. Here I'd like to set aside a page to show off photos and videos from the event, and of course to show off my designs, all of which are available for reproduction and purchase from Kinki Kitty.


A photo of all 7 of my models and I at the end of the show. All of my models were absolutely gorgeous and I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with all of them. I had a great experience.

Stage shots!

Ashley in Cinderella's Dream

Acen 2010 Fashion Show

Mina in Trick or Treat

Acen 2010 Fashion Show

Brittany in Harlequin Diamond

Khaotic Kouture

Caroline in Teddy Bear Dream

Layhua in Magic Music

Acen 2010 Fashion Show

Marissa in Caged In

Khaotic Kouture

Patrice in Mad Queen

Acen 2010 Fashion Show

Khaotic Kouture

And all of us again, me looking seemingly cluelessly off to the side (I was actually looking at Janet, the coordinator and announcer!).

Backstage shots!


The adorable Mina, wearing my Trick or Treat skirt with some Kinki Kitty hairbows. More photos of this skirt can be found here.

Caged In & Cinderella Dream

The stunning Marissa and Ashley wearing Caged In, one of my boned vinyl cage skirts , and Cinderella Dream, a shirred jumperskirt that can be coordinated with either black or white (or anything else!). More photos of Cinderella's Dream can be found here, and photos of a related cage skirt can be found here. I offer cage skirts in both boned standalone and unboned overskirt versions. I featured the boned version in the fashion show.


The gorgeous Brittany showing off my Harlequin Diamond design. She really worked it! ♥ The skirt and hat customization are Kinki Kitty. The corset is Timeless Trends, a brand I love and never hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a good underbust corset (at a price that can't be beat!).


Her little bunny friend was a last minute addition. He is from Innocent World.


Adorable Caroline in Teddy Bear Dream, a semi-high-waisted skirt with a Teddy Bear applique to set off the matching teddy bear print fabric, and teddy bear ear headband to bring it all together! The skirt has a lightly boned waist to keep the shape and corset lacing in back in front of a shirring portion, and it zips up the side. Her sullen expression just makes me love her in this outfit even more! So cute! I love the juxtoposition.

Vinyl Trump

Patrice in the playfully subversive Vinyl Trump Applique set (otherwise known as "Mad Queen"). The crown, bolero, shirt, and skirt are all Kinki Kitty, and the absolutely perfectly coordinating shoes are from Antenna. The skirt and bolero feature large trump appliques, and the crown has smaller ones. The high-waist skirt is boned and has corset lacing in back on top of a shirred portion, and it zips up the side. The bolero is a wee bit too large for her but she rocks this outfit hard anyway!

Mad Queen

Loving those crazy contacts Patrice was wearing! How fun!

Kinki Kitty Krew

Four of my girls relaxing waiting for the show to start!

And more random backstage photos!

Love you girls!

Acen 2010 Fashion Show Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed the show!

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